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Hris Administrator

Hris Administrator
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Número de Aviso en CareerMine: 1793200Resumen del Aviso
Título: Hris Administrator Número de Identificación del Aviso del Empleador: 28721
Ubicación: MONTERREY-OF. CECAP/STO DOMINGO Fecha de Colocación: agosto 3, 2019
Empleador: Suscriptor - Loguear para ver el Nombre de la Compañía Fecha Límite: octubre 1, 2019

Hris Administrator

  • Responsible for review, approval and accuracy of employee master data submitted through Success Factors; review changes in employee status such as new hires, terminations, transfers, status changes, etc. approve or reject back to submitting party for corrections.
  • Mass uploads and subsequent audits of employee changes on a regular basis as requested, including but not limited to rate changes, supervisors, etc.
  • Manual processing of changes to employee record such as address, direct deposits, etc. as requested by employees and/or field HR.
  • Immediate Pay-on-demand and PTO payout requests to payroll for terminated employees as required by law which varies by state.
  • Partner with Payroll processing team to ensure timely execution of payroll and off-cycle requests.
  • Effectively communicate with managers and HR on challenges, deadlines, etc. to ensure timely and accurate processing of employee records which impacts payroll.
  • Support HRIS data integrity by auditing and analyzing current data flows, as well as making suggestions for process improvement.
  • Awareness and protection of confidential information when working in an open work environment. Ensure HRIS data confidentiality is maintained.

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