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Head Of In-house Content Production Studio

Head Of In-house Content Production Studio
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Título: Head Of In-house Content Production Studio Número de Identificación del Aviso del Empleador: 28726
Ubicación: MONTERREY-OF. CENTRALES Fecha de Colocación: agosto 3, 2019
Empleador: Suscriptor - Loguear para ver el Nombre de la Compañía Fecha Límite: octubre 1, 2019

Head Of In-house Content Production Studio

CEMEX Mexico is hiring a head of studio for our in-house content production team. The studio consists of a team of ~10 designers and content creators, that produce an ongoing stream of marketing materials; social media posts, print material, event promotion collateral, product sheets, promo material, and low-complexity videos. She or he will be responsible for the continued operation, uninterrupted output and consistent quality production of content, making sure schedules are met and expectations are surpassed. Team management is a big part of the day-to-day. We are on the lookout for an entrepreneurial individual and hands-on people manager, who’s talented at process optimization. As a production veteran who has seen the trenches inside and out, you truly understand what it takes to set up an operation for scale.

  • Building successful work streams and teams

  • You will focus on the inner workings of our integrated workstreams and everything that is required to build and maintain a well-functioning studio; happy and well-performing creatives, quality work and profitable production model. You bring excellent problem-solving skills to the table.
  • Navigating a corporate environment and managing stakeholders

  • You will hover over all the studio workstreams and help project managers be successful. You are excellent at stakeholder management and collaborate intensively with VP’s, directors and project leads, as well as your own team.
  • Future proof scaling

  • Anticipating operations and business expansion, you will build sustainable frameworks, set up structures and toolboxes that future proof the integrated studio team. You forecast future growth, expansion of the menu of services, negotiate resources and hires ahead of time.
  • Recruitment and talent management

  • People are at the heart of our organization. You are responsible for setting up a recruitment framework and staff our studios with the right talent whilst hitting deadlines.
    • You manage and (re)define the recruitment strategy and process:

    -You work with the talent acquisition teams to recruit and select the right talent for our studio.

    -You coordinate with the area in charge to oversee the process and monitor progress.
    • You monitor team culture and employee happiness:

    -Help the team tackle issues or spot opportunities.

    -Help nurture the studio culture via team building initiatives.
  • Inner workings: workflows, tooling, logistics

  • You make sure that the studio is equipped with industry standard tooling and equipment and make sure that processes are documented and followed.
    • You define the studio’s service level agreements and document an official ‘way of working’.
    • You can advise on tooling and/or work together with internal system specialists (PM software, DAM systems, …) to set things up for success.
    • You liaise with business partners and deep dive into the operation to constantly spot areas for improvement.
    • You are critical and efficiency-focused.
    • Investigate process and task automation where possible.
    • Help to solve and navigate logistical challenges; workspaces, hardware, travel, …
  • Clear communication and company-wide collaboration
    • You have a crucial role in understanding the business segments’ needs and challenges.
    • You are a concise communicator and motivate meaningful interactions through the whole CEMEX MX.
    • When project managers encounter an issue or need help, you support them.
    • You make sure the team is ready for growth: help set up frameworks for project documentation and training.
    • tools, training sessions, train the trainer, help nurture behavior and a learning environment, …
    • You are an escalation level for clients and internal project managers.
    • You are comfortable working and reporting to the top management at CEMEX and can provide a very high.
    • level of analysis and recommendations.
  • Finance and Planning
    • You are responsible for the financial health of the operation and report regularly.

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