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Project Manager

Project Manager
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Número de Aviso en CareerMine: 1793203Resumen del Aviso
Título: Project Manager Número de Identificación del Aviso del Empleador: 28727
Ubicación: MONTERREY-OF. CENTRALES Fecha de Colocación: agosto 3, 2019
Empleador: Suscriptor - Loguear para ver el Nombre de la Compañía Fecha Límite: octubre 1, 2019

Project Manager

CEMEX Mexico is looking for a Project Manager who has been working at digital design and/or production agencies for 2+ years, to help coordinate content work streams. Together with a team of in-house creatives he or she will be creating all kinds of content; digital banners, printed brochures, social media posts, bulletins, press notes, events collateral and everything in between.

  • In this dedicated position, you will be managing design and animation projects on a national scale.
  • Working for one of Mexico’s most valued and recognizable brands, you work to make sure our teams deliver quality content at scale consistently.
  • Taking a lead within the team, you will manage projects as well as people and processes at large.
  • You will liaise between our departments and teams to ensure the studio delivers.
  • Your job is to constantly balance resources and workload: your planning and coordination are key for successfully delivering projects on time.
  • You will help to manage the process and completion of multiple projects simultaneously, managing the input and output of our design, illustration, animation and copywriting creatives as well as our developers.
  • A big part of your day-to-day is briefing team members on delivery objectives and keeping stakeholders informed on the progress of projects.
  • You schedule, track and prioritize assignments and make sure the right creatives are available to provide our segments, departments, and teams with a constant flow of high-end production work.
  • You’re also constantly assessing the quality of finished projects to improve our processes and workstreams.

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